Multi criteria decision making and participatory planning



Does you or your company spend too much time on developing tactical plans for the stands to be harvested in the coming years? Then TIMBHAS™ may be the solution for you and your company!

Multi criteria decision making and participatory planning

An exciting, relatively new feature in Heureka is the PlanEval application that can be used as a tool to compare the various options that have been developed with PlanWise. With PlanEval, the decision making is structurized (which option best meets the goals and requirements) into a number of objectives. Examples of objectives can be timber production and nature conservation. You can then specify how each of these objectives shall be measured by specifying one or more criteria for each objective.

For timber production you can, for example, enter felling volume for a given period or periods and the net present value. For conservation you can for example enter the area of protected forest and area of older forest. The project manager then adds the persons (stakeholders) to be included in an evaluation group. Each stakeholder then scores each action (via the web) based on how good it is for a particular criterion. This method is based on scientific articles published on the subject participatory planning and multi-criteria planning. TreeSys is well versed in how PlanEval works and can assist with project managing such a process.

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