TreeSys© supports forestry companies and other forest keeping organisations with research and analysis related to planing and management strategies. You can read more about our services below.



Does you or your company spend too much time on developing tactical plans for the stands to be harvested in the coming years? Then TIMBHAS™ may be the solution for you and your company!

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Why hire TreeSys?

TreeSys possess superior skills in harvesting calculations and other types of calculations that involve long-term growth forecasts, including silvicultural stand analysis as well as analysis on regional or country levels. We have long experience of optimizing, and great understanding of how many different forecast models work. Hiring TreeSys therefore means that information is more transparent, the process becomes easier and the work becomes less resources intensive.

Heureka analysis

Getting started with Heureka can be time consuming. Some parts can be difficult even if you are comfortable in the system at large – not least the formulating of the optimization model. For the systems true potential to become apparent it should be tailored to your specific needs. A cost effective and quick way to obtain useful results is to let us start up a Heureka project and make the first analysis. TreeSys has leading expertise with the Heureka system and if you hire us, you can be assured that the analyst knows the system in every detail and has a great understanding of forestry.

How is it done? (The process)

We work from a template that consists of a number of steps and clarifies who does what. Your responsibility is most of the time limited to filling out a form to describe your forestry objective, provide data, price lists and maintenance directives. Our task is to import the data, cultivate it if necessary and make predictions and optimizations and finally compile reports. The usual procedure is that we work iteratively and successively refine the analysis until you are satisfied.

What is the final outcome?

You benefit from TreeSys’ previous experiences and avoid the risk of making unnecessary mistakes. A long-term forest plan can consist of the following elements:

  • A report in pdf format for printing and insertion into an A4 binder with dividers.
  • An excel sheet with silvicultural stand action proposals and summaries.
  • Project files, for you to reproduce the results or make analysis for a different area. This includes an optimization model that is customized for your needs and wishes.

About TreeSys

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