About TreeSys

– A short presentation of the company

About TreeSys

TreeSys is a consulting and software development company that caters to forest companies and other forestry organizations, research institutions included. TreeSys engage in projects related to strategic and tactical planning, optimization and analysis of forest management strategies. TreeSys offers services and tools to help forest owners and other forestry policy makers to plan, optimize and develop their forestry activities. Always with the focus on long term sustainability.

TreeSys was founded in 2012 (as Peder Wikström Skogsanalys AB) as a spin-off from the Heureka project at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

TreeSys is also developing a new software, TIMBHAS™, for tactical plannning. TIMBHAS™ (Timber Harvest Scheduling) minimizes the otherwise extensive planning of harvesting and forwarding and the upgrading of forest roads.

TreeSys starts from and applies scientific methods and has a close relationship with the academic world. We have special expertise in strategic and tactical planning and the use and development of optimization models for forest planning and analysis. Our clients include both large and medium forest enterprises as well as universities and government agencies.


Our values

The forest is important to everyone. Whether we use the forest for forestry, herding, hunting, recreation or other activities that it affects or is affected by, a viable forest is valuable on many levels. Forestry has an impact on the habitat of animals and plants, the water we drink and the air we breathe, and it is therefore important to plan forest cultivation wisely. We at TreeSys want to contribute to sustainable forest management to ensure that both current and future generations will benefit from the forest.

Through appropriate silvicultural adaptations, wise planning and thinking ahead you can find good trade-offs between economic and other interests. TreeSys takes no position for or against a certain way of managing the forest. There are so many factors that determine what is best in each case – not least the forest owner’s objectives and purpose of the forestry


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