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Welcome to TreeSys©! We provide forest companies and forestry organizations the best possible tools for forest planning and evaluation of forest management strategies. For a sustainable and long-term forest management.

About TreeSys

TreeSys is a consulting and software development company that caters to forest companies and other forestry organizations. TreeSys has leading expertise working with Heureka forestry decision support system, developed by SLU.


TreeSys offers services and tools to help forest owners and other forestry policy makers to plan, optimize and develop their forestry activities. There are usually many possible ways to do this. Together we will find best solution for your business.


TIMBHAS is short for Timber Harvest Scheduling and facilitates efforts to develop tactical plans for logging and to minimize the cost of upgrading roads and hauling timber.

We are launching TIMBHAS 1.0 in December 2015

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A responsible and considerate forestry

The forest is a natural environment that is affected in both the short and long term by how forestry is conducted. For people, the forest is both a source of income and a place for recuperation and recreation. For many animals and plants, the chance of survival is affected by the conservation adaptations made by the forestry sector.
Therefore it is important that the decisions that forest owners and forestry companies make are based on facts and awareness. We at TreeSys are convinced that a responsible and considerate forestry is one of the most important contributions to our prosperity, both today and in the future.

To manage the forest in the best way possible requires the capacity to survey, collect, process, analyze and evaluate a large number of facts and data. We have the knowledge and tools to help forest companies with this. We perform or assist with harvesting calculations, long-term forest management plans, impact assessment and perform various studies related to forest management strategies. TreeSys has leading expertise working with the planning system Heureka.


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